The Colorado GSA Network trains and empowers LGBTQ student leaders and their allies to advocate in their schools and communities. The Network provides training and leadership opportunities that give students the tools and resources to be active and effective leaders.


Statewide GSA Leadership Summit

Colorado GSA Network’s Leadership Summit will bring together students from across the state to participate in a leadership conference to empower and engage student in LGBTQ work. Students will have the opportunity to share information about their clubs, facilitate workshops and presentations, and network with other students across the state who are invested in ending bullying, homophobia and transphobia.

Regional Leadership Summits

The Colorado GSA Network is working with members of the Leadership Council to host Regional GSA Summits across Colorado. These summits are day-long opportunities to learn new skills and network with other students in your area committed to GSA organizing to create safe schools for all students.

Leadership Opportunities

Colorado GSA Network Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is made up of regional representatives from across Colorado who provide input on the development of the Network. The members of the Council will serve as representatives in their regions to support the growth of the Network by supporting, training, and networking with other GSA leaders. Members of the Leadership Council also oversee and allocate a budget to other GSAs across the state to support the growth and development of our Network.