In a few words, how do you identify?

I identify as Transfeminine.

How do you show up in community & how are you held by your community members?

Well growing up in high school I had a lot of doubt in myself and expressing who I was, because I was the first openly trans girl in my high school. So to combat a lot of the self hatred, I started girls group inc. to help girls like me, and girls in general, love and express themselves in every aspect possible.

How do you celebrate and affirm yourself?

I consider myself to be a little vain, lol. Ever since I started my transition I’ve loved and enjoyed the changes I’ve seen, so I take a lot of pictures and videos of myself and remind myself of the confidence and power I have.

Tell us more about you! How do you spend your time? What brings you joy?

On my free time I enjoy singing – I literally sing everywhere I go! I also spread awareness about the trans community anytime I go out or whenever I’m asked questions.

What is most significant and important to you personally about Black LGBTQ+ history?

The two role models I look up to the most in the trans/LGBTQ community are Amiyah Scott and Rue Paul.

What is your favorite aspect of being Black and LGBTQ?

Well my favorite part about being black and trans is I am black and trans. I personally feel like in the black community we have so much power and love in us that when we come in contact with the right people we just exude so much at one time. Paring that with the trans community, it’s genuinely breath-and-word-taking, I don’t know how to explain it. 

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