In a few words, how do you identify?

I would say I identify as Gay, Femme, and QUEER!

How do you show up in community & how are you held by your community members?

I am a community leader and friend, I am on the board of Black Pride, I’m in a legendary drag house, in the KiKi House of FLORA AND THE ICONIC House of LaBeija. I am a strong, black gay male, who is here and SHOWS up for the community offering love and support wherever I am needed!

How do you celebrate and affirm yourself?

By being as authentic and unapologetic as I can!

Tell us more about you! How do you spend your time? What brings you joy?

Well for work, I am a professional touring artist with the prestigious, nationally and internationally renowned CleoParker Robinson Dance Ensemble. I also serve as a part time DRAG entertainer, and I also teach cardio hip hop fitness at BLOCK21Fitness. For fun, I hang out with my chosen friends and family (drag, dance, ballroom, etc.) I love to cook, as well as be a socialite enjoying a night of drinks and dancing. All of these passions and experiences play into my connection with the community because they allow me to meet so many different people in so many forms of life.

What is most significant and important to you personally about Black LGBTQ+ history?

It’s just the culture for me! So much much of BLACK/QUEER LGBTQIA+ black culture influences our lives today!! I want to honor all of it. Especially black and brown trans women of color!

What is your favorite aspect of being Black and LGBTQ?

My favorite parts about being black is that there are just some things that come without saying. I’ve earned, gained, been blessed with that right.

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