In a few words, how do you identify?

I identify as a queer, proud black woman.

How do you show up in community & how are you held by your community members?

I show up in my community as a light of good, calm and happy energy. I am a teacher and enjoy socializing, the act of play, and overall celebrating my existence. 

How do you celebrate and affirm yourself?

I celebrate and affirm myself by treating myself to sensual things (Taurus sun), creating art, surrounding myself with loving people, being authentic and practicing gratitude as a lifestyle.

Tell us more about you! How do you spend your time? What brings you joy?

For fun I enjoy getting into my body–running, exploring, dancing, movement and laughter. I enjoy spending time with loved ones and going on adventures. I love beer and biking and being outside. I enjoy celebrating myself and my existence. I am creative energy and enjoying drawing portraits of people and capturing their unique vibe. This plays into my personal experience in the way that I exist and savor relationships. I love meeting people and experiencing different lifestyles and cultures. I am here to spread art as medicine, to be a light to people and enjoy this life of mine. 

What is most significant and important to you personally about Black LGBTQ+ history?

Every black queer person who has ever unapologetically existed and stood in their truth despite other people’s ignorance. 

What is your favorite aspect of being Black and LGBTQ?

Our culture, our music, swag, slang, style, confidence, resilience.

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