In a few words, how do you identify?

I am a Black Gay Drag Queen.

How do you show up in community & how are you held by your community members?

I am a local Drag Queen in Denver, CO, I do lots of shows to help raise money for different organizations in the community. I’m the Co Founder of Black Pride Colorado. For my day job I’m the CampSeen Director at YouthSeen which is an organization that works with Queer of color with mental health and wellness. 

How do you celebrate and affirm yourself?

I don’t really do anything to celebrate, however sometimes I’ll treat myself to a nice bottle of champagne and a nice dinner. 

Tell us more about you! How do you spend your time? What brings you joy?

I love spending time with my friends and family. I have a Chiweenie named Campbell. and she is my pride and joy. I love to travel. I like listening to music, theatre, cooking and making memories with those close to me. 

What is most significant and important to you personally about Black LGBTQ+ history?

 William Dorsey Swan, the first Drag Queen, is someone I like to recognize and give credit to. 

What is your favorite aspect of being Black and LGBTQ?

The culture. Our music, food, fashion, hair styles. I love learning about our history and learning about all the incredible my ancestors did to build this country. 

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