My name is Emily Weed and I am a member of the One Colorado GSA Leadership Council.

Emily Weed

My name is Emily Weed and I am a member of the One Colorado GSA Leadership Council. When I first came out to my parents, I was 11-12. Back then, I was the first one in my family to come out as LGBTQ+ and therefore was not widely accepted. My friends did not approve very much either. I began to feel really bad about myself and my identity. This went on until about sophomore year of high school. Suddenly, everything had changed. My parents came around and I gained really supportive friendships along the way. Even so, it wasn’t until I saw how I have affected others that I knew I had to keep going. Not too long ago, my little sister came out to my parents. They were better prepared and knew how to handle it so she didn’t feel isolated. That was a big step for me to get involved. To see how my little sister had it better because of what I went through was very empowering. I also knew that it was very rare for this to happen. A lot of LGBTQ+ individuals don’t have that support and things don’t get better for them. I wanted to be able to do for others what I did for my sister. I wanted to be there for them and give them that support that they didn’t have. I am here now to learn how to move forward and implement my ideas. I never want anyone to go through this alone if I have the power to change it. Another big part that brought me here is the lack of understanding/knowledge towards the LGBTQ+ community. I was never exposed to anything LGBTQ+ when I was little. I had no idea that this was even a thing until one of my friends told me she was bisexual in sixth grade. Even then, my parents still didn’t really talk about anything involving the community until I joined QSA(queer straight alliance) in high school. Seeing that in my own life made me want to be there to give that information to people who really need it or want it. I will gladly answer any questions people have and explain anything they should know. Finally, I absolutely love being in a leadership position. I have been in leadership since I was in fourth grade and it has been my whole life for these past few years. I love being able to help people and actually having some power to change things and make the world a better place for people. Everyone deserves to be happy and have extra help when they need it. I couldn’t think of a better place to spend my time and apply effort.