The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado was founded in 1998 by a group of faith leaders from multiple backgrounds who were frustrated that their diverse faith voices were not being represented in the public sphere—specifically in politics or media. Their mission is to promote justice, religious liberty, and interfaith understanding through building relationships in order to educate, advocate, and catalyze social change.

Interfaith envisions a society where all people are free and supported to live the life they wish for. They imagine faith communities from many traditions and backgrounds who are committed to work grounded in our shared values, in order to engage in collaborative action to dismantle systemic oppression. They seek to be a force for good in Colorado by standing up for rights and equality for all people. The Interfaith Alliance has continued to be the faith voice standing up for LGBTQ equality and women’s reproductive rights and justice. They’ve also been an outspoken voice for criminal justice reform at the state capitol and work to devise creative solutions to complex problems.