10.30 One Colorado Remembers Trans Lives for Transgender Awareness Month

November first marks the beginning of Transgender Awareness Month. Throughout the month, One Colorado will celebrate trans and gender conforming heroes of history, bring attention to issues facing the community, and remember the lives tragically lost to violence and suicide.

“In Colorado, we have experienced recent strides in access to healthcare and public accommodations for trans folks. However, with the rollbacks coming from the federal administration and 2020 marking the deadliest year on record for trans and gender non-conforming Americans, we recognize the gravity of the work ahead. That’s why Transgender Awareness Month is so important this year, especially as we are getting ready for the next chapter after this historic election.” – Marvyn Allen, Health Equity Training Director, One Colorado

Trans and gender non-conforming lives are threatened at an alarming rate. 2020 has been the most violent and dangerous year for trans people in the country since organizations like the Human Rights Campaign started tracking this data in 2013. In June this year, Colorado experienced this violence up close when Jayne Thompson was shot and killed by the police in Mesa County, Colorado. After which, Jayne was misgendered and dead-named by police and local media.

One Colorado will run a social media campaign (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) throughout the month to celebrate the victories, raise awareness of the issues, and honor the lost lives of trans and gender non-conforming folks this year.