12.9 Statement on report regarding DPD response to this summer’s protests

One Colorado’s Statement:

This report brings to light the true failures of the Denver Police Department in their duty of care for Colorado residents during the protests in response to George Floyd’s murder and the broader issues of racial injustice and police violence. Civilian oversight and program structures like that of the Denver Office of the Independent Monitor (OIM) are critical tools in ensuring that police departments are held accountable for their actions and further harm to the public is mitigated.

Too many of our fellow Coloradans live in communities where their only hope for transparency and reform comes from costly, time-consuming lawsuits or reliance on the reporting and investigations done by the media. As we stated earlier this summer in our support of SB20-217: Enhancing Law Enforcement Integrity, “The vision of One Colorado is very clear: a fair and just Colorado for all.”