7.13 Governor Polis Signs Four Pro-Equality Bills into Law

Denver, CO – On Monday, July 13th, Governor Polis made history by signing four important bills into law that protect the health and safety of LGBTQ Coloradans. 

HB20-1061 HIV Infection Prevention Medications allows all Coloradans to seek treatment for HIV prevention after consulting with a pharmacist. The legislation removes barriers to treatment by prohibiting insurance companies from requiring patients to obtain authorization prior to using their benefits to obtain the medications. It also prohibits insurers from requiring that a patient undergo step therapy.

SB20-221 Gay Panic or Transgender Panic Defense effectively bans the gay and trans panic defense legal strategy that cites a victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity as the causal factor for a defendant’s violent reaction — including murder. Colorado is the eleventh state to ban this defense. 

SB20-166 Simplifying Requirements For New Birth Certificate simplifies the requirements for a minor to obtain a new birth certificate from the state registrar.

HB20-1419 State Drug Assistance Program Funding creates a cash fund into which money received from pharmaceutical rebates based on charges in excess of a federal price agreement related to the state’s operation of a drug assistance program to assist individuals with lower incomes who have medical or preventive needs regarding AIDS or HIV.

You can find the video of the bill signing here.

“Today Governor Polis signed into law four pro-equality bills, including One Colorado’s top priority bills to ban the gay and transgender panic defense, to simplify the process of updating birth certificates for minors, and to expand access to HIV prevention. Although the legislative session took many twists and turns this year, we are proud to see these bills make it through. We are grateful to our legislators and to all Coloradans who advocated to see these bills pass with bipartisan support.” 

– Daniel Ramos, Executive Director, One Colorado