It’s a Phone Friend-zy!

The decision could not be more clear — equality for our families and our community is at stake. Will you help us make sure we don’t wake up with regret on November 7?

Right now, ballots are sitting on kitchen tables across the state — waiting to be cast. We need your help to ensure that those ballots are turned in and counted. Join One Colorado for food, phones, and friends. It’s a Phone Friend-zy!

Last week, Focus on the Family launched a Super PAC — a committee that can raise and spend as much as it wants to influence this election. There’s too much at stake for us to sit around and wait. Critical protections for our families rest on the outcome of this election, and we need to do everything we can to make sure our community and our allies vote. Join together with your friends to reach out to fellow One Colorado supporters and make sure they understand why we must vote for equality!

On Election Day, all eyes will be on Colorado. We need your help to make sure we elect the pro-equality candidates that Colorado families deserve! Click here to sign up for a Phone Friend-zy shift.

With people power, we can overcome the thousands of dollars that anti-equality forces are flooding into the election. It’s easy to get involved: forward this email, spread the word in your communities, and make calls with us to ensure that this election, we move FORWARD.

Thank you for all your support — we are going to get this done together!