Joint One Colorado and Jefferson County LGBTQ+ Caucus Statement on Westminster Colorado Proclaiming Their Opposition To Conversion Therapy

September 25, 2017
Tonight, Westminster City Council issued a proclamation opposing the controversial and harmful practice of conversion therapy in Colorado. Westminster is the first city to issue such a proclamation in the state, distinguishing them as a city that respects and understands the needs of their thriving, diverse community. Brianna Titone, Secretary/Treasurer for the Jefferson County Democrats LGBTQ+ Caucus, and Daniel Ramos, Executive Director of One Colorado, issued the following statement in response to the city issuing the proclamation.
“After three years of state legislation banning the practice getting stymied before it could reach a vote in the state senate, the Jefferson County Democrats LGBTQ+ Caucus decided action on a local level was pivotal,” said Brianna Titone, Secretary/Treasurer for the Jefferson County Democrats LGBTQ+ Caucus. “It is important that the people of Colorado know that this dangerous practice is happening in our state and follow the lead of 9 states and Washington, DC that have similar bans in addition to dozens of cities across America. Colorado needs to stand on the right side of history, and today, Westminster did just that.”
Titone continued, “Westminster City Council, one of the cities the caucus approached about issuing a proclamation, immediately and enthusiastically expressed support for this endeavor. The caucus would like to thank the Westminster City Council for pioneering this effort in Colorado to pave the way for equality and acceptance for the LGBTQ community.”
“In Colorado, many major behavioral and mental health organizations — including the Colorado Psychological Association, the Colorado Psychiatric Society, the Colorado Counseling Association, Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council, Mental Health Colorado, and the National Association of Social Workers, Colorado Chapter — support banning conversion therapy,” said Daniel Ramos, Executive Director of One Colorado.
“These harmful practices use rejection, shame, and psychological abuse to force young people to try to change who they are. Unfortunately, many young people are coerced and subjected to these harmful practices in our state, which puts them at a higher risk for depression, substance abuse, and suicide,” Ramos continued. “No young person should ever be shamed by a mental health professional into thinking that who they are is wrong. We extend our gratitude to Westminster City Council for the proclamation and hope this action is another step toward getting a ban to pass in the Colorado Legislature.”
About Jefferson County Democrats LGBTQ+ Caucus: Jefferson County Democrats LGBTQ+ Caucus is an initiative of the Democratic Party of Jefferson County in Colorado. As the only county-level democratic initiative for the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado, the purpose of the JeffCo Dems LGBTQ+ Caucus is to provide a voice for the LGBTQ+ community in Jefferson County to discuss issues and support and advise the county party, candidates, and elected officials on matters of interest to the LGBTQ+ Community. Their efforts and actions complement the work of the Colorado Stonewall Democrats, an officially recognized Initiative of the Colorado Democratic Party.
About One Colorado: One Colorado is the state’s leading advocacy organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Coloradans and their families.