Nadine Bridges on the importance of getting the Covid vaccine

One Colorado encourages all Coloradans to sign up to get the COVID-19 vaccine when they become eligible. Executive Director, Nadine Bridges, shares why it’s important for our community to get vaccinated.


“Hey y’all I’m just dropping in today to talk to you about getting vaccinated for Covid. I know that this is a scary time and that some folks don’t trust the medical system. As a Black queer person, I certainly have heard of the many atrocities that have occurred for medicine and I know that can be scary. But everything out there at this point states that getting a vaccine is important in protecting our communities, creating space for us to celebrate life once again, and to connect to our neighborhoods once again, to support small businesses once again. So I would really just encourage you to get vaccinated. I don’t know about you ,but I miss hugs. I most certainly want to give my family hugs and travel once again. And show that I care. So this is just a quick note — I hope that once all of you have the opportunity,. will go get vaccinated so that we as a LGBTQ community can celebrate together once again. Thanks.”