Notes from the Field: Our Southern Colorado Organizer Celebrates the LGBT Movement

By Jessie Pocock, Southern Colorado Organizer, One Colorado

As our Southern Colorado Organizer, I have so many opportunities to meet and work with incredible individuals and organizations, from Colorado Springs to Pueblo to Buena Vista. I gain so much energy from connecting with these community leaders and creating plans to make our region a more inclusive place for all people.

One of the amazing groups I am able to work with is Pikes Peak Equality Coalition (PPEC) in Colorado Springs. PPEC tackles a variety of important issues—from recruiting new polling places to provide citizens with a place to vote that isn’t an evangelical church to serving as a watchdog to ensure that agencies are complying with anti-discriminatory policies. In addition to this important work, PPEC is also committed to LGBT equality, and we’re proudly building support for civil unions in unexpected places.

But standing for equality doesn’t just mean supporting legislation like the Colorado Civil Union Act. It means celebrating how far the LGBT movement has come and acknowledging the leaders who have helped bring about the incredible progress we’ve seen over the past decade.

On March 25, 2012, PPEC is acknowledging two of those community leaders, Pamela Jones and Juliet Draper. The couple will celebrate their 20th anniversary on March 25, and we’ll celebrate them!

In addition to being incredible leaders for the LGBT community in Colorado, Pamela has worked in the performance arts industry and is a business owner and entrepreneur, volunteer for Urban Peak, councilor, and the co-founder of Rogue Amazon Entertainment with Juliet. Juliet served in the Army and has won several awards such as the 1992 Iron Horse competition for the strongest woman on Fort Carson and the Champion of the World Fire Fighter Combat Challenge in 1999. She is currently a Lt. with the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

Help us celebrate Pamela and Juliet — and our community — this anniversary celebration is open to all! Join us at Inside/Out Youth Services at 235 S. Nevada Ave, on March 25, 2012 from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Leave the anniversary gifts at home; Pamela and Juliet have requested that folks contribute to Inside/Out’s food bank, in lieu of gifts.