One Colorado Celebrates Pride 2022 Across the State of Colorado

Denver, CO – One Colorado, the state’s leading advocacy organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) Coloradans and their families, is excited to join Coloradans across the state celebrating Pride 2022! One Colorado released the following statements:

“I have been reflecting on what it means to celebrate Pride after two years of not having a real in-person Pride event. I have been thinking about what it means to truly celebrate–when in the past two years, we have seen some of the worst types of police brutality, gun violence, and hateful attacks on our transgender/non-binary, and gender expansive family. For me, the answer is to radiate our grit, strength, and pride to stomp out the darkness just like our leaders before us. One of those great leaders of the LGBTQ+ movement and the Stonewall Riots, was the incredible Stormé DeLarverie who deepened the meaning of the Stonewall Riots by stating “It was a rebellion, it was an uprising, it was a civil rights disobedience— it wasn’t no damn riot.” I think what Stormé was trying to say is riots happen and they end, and we sweep up the broken glass and we move on. Celebrating Pride is more than just sweeping up, when the weekend is over. It is the opportunity to lay out more footprints to continue the rebellion and sustain the civil disobedience. In a time when there are folks who want to remove our joy and squash our voices, we choose to rise up, march in the streets and be visible. We choose to express ourselves in the ways we see fit and not be constrained by forced expectations. We choose to dance with our friends, family, and partners, without inhibition. We choose to fight like hell so that our young and old will have a foundation to thrive in a world that can be harmful. So, in whatever way you choose to celebrate and rebel, our message is that we deserve to always be seen and heard, and we will not let hatred stop us. This year, may we blaze colors of Pride, rise up, and celebrate our disobedience through happiness, fire, and love and may we persist long after the crowds die down and the music becomes quieter to shine light on another day. Happy Pride!!!!” – Nadine Bridges, MSW (she/her), One Colorado Executive Director

Pride celebrations are sacred for the moments of community care shared, especially between trans, nonbinary & gender-expansive folks–and for the ways they model to us how much more we have to do for all our siblings, youth & community to be able to join in.– Zoya Sarow (they/them), One Colorado Youth & Community Engagement Manager

We have made so many inroads with communities in Pueblo county since beginning our work to create greater food access in the area. Through our first listening sessions, food access coalition and community advisory groups, the local community has shown up to share their specific needs and how One Colorado can be of support. During Pride season, we are looking forward to connecting with more Coloradans and their families!– Stoney Bertz (they/he), One Colorado Southern Colorado Field Organizer

Pride, for me, is a celebration of my life experiences. Pride for me is also how I approach my life now as a gay widower in the LGBTQ+ community, and the Pueblo community as a whole. I am known in the community for my outreach and service at different levels of volunteering. Pride means still being a participant in our queer life, as each of us see it. To respond intelligently, and have an open mind, heart, and soul. To share my life.”– Tom Carrigan (he/him), Local Pride Leader in Pueblo, CO

“This year’s Pride is essential to me. This year it is so important to be visible, to show support, to stand proud, and to show the beauty, diversity, and representation of the community.” – Chris Cleary (he/him), PFLAG Broomfield

 “As we are in full support of Pride as whole, I am specifically interested in Black Pride and our encouragement of Black and African American people to celebrate ourselves, our culture and making space for our joy, resilience and strength as a community.” – Dr. tara jae, PhD, MFA (they/them), Founder & Executive Director, YouthSeen & Black Pride Colorado

“I have the absolute privilege of being one of the GSA Advisors at Erie Middle School. Our GSA is a safe space that promotes growth, grace towards ourselves and others, kindness above all, and acceptance of others. Holding the first annual Pride in Erie shows our LGBTQ youth and community that they are seen, loved, and gives them a chance to SHINE!” – Samantha Hosmer (she/her), Special Education Paraeducator, GSA Advisor, and Erie Pride Leader 

Pride is a time to celebrate who we are and how far we have come, especially in Colorado. In the 1990s, when Colorado was known as the ‘Hate State’, the possibility of Colorado being a leader in the nation for LGBTQ+ equality was merely a hopeful wish. Today, in Colorado we must not take our advancements towards equality for granted. As we witness the rise of harmful actions in state capitols, school boards, and political campaigns, as well as anti-LGBTQ rhetoric across the country, Pride serves as a reminder that our work is not finished until we ALL have an equal opportunity to live successful, healthy, authentic lives. Progress does come! It will come from community members who put in the work to carve a better path forward. During the month of June (and beyond), we hope LGBTQ+ Coloradans and allies can safely attend a Pride event near them while keeping in mind our history, present circumstances, and the future we would like to create for ourselves. Happy Pride!

Colorado Pride 2022 Event Highlights:

Visit our website to view our current, full list of Colorado Pride 2022 events by region, plus find ways to support One Colorado at some of your favorite events, shops, and locations around Colorado this June!