One Colorado Launches Colorado GSA Network

One Colorado is excited to announce the launch of the Colorado GSA Network, a program to empower LGBTQ and allied students to combat bullying in their schools. Follow us on Facebook — click here to “like” our page.

Following the passage of an LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying bill in early 2011, One Colorado began on-the-ground work to improve school environments for LGBTQ students. Although anti-bullying policies are important for ensuring that LGBTQ young people are protected from the bullying and harassment they so often face, policies alone won’t change our schools. Policies alone cannot ensure that LGBTQ students are safe and respected in Colorado schools.

Research overwhelmingly shows that students who attend schools that have a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club feel safer and more respected than students who attend schools that don’t have a safe space like a GSA. That’s why we started the Colorado GSA Network. Through it, we will support existing GSAs and empower student leaders across Colorado to create new GSAs.

The Colorado GSA Network has developed tools and resources for Gay-Straight Alliances to educate their schools and communities. In addition to providing resources to GSAs, we will build a statewide network of GSAs, to connect students from across the state and facilitate leadership development through regional and statewide engagement.

This important work is just getting started, but we have received incredible support from education leaders, including education associations, teachers, and administrators; from students who want to improve their schools; and from community members who understand the critical need to protect vulnerable LGBTQ students.

In the coming months, we’ll be releasing tools and resources, meeting with students, and offering trainings to teachers, counselors, administrators, and other school staff. We hope you’ll follow our work on Facebook — click here to “like” our page. And stay tuned for the Colorado GSA Network website, coming soon.