One Colorado Statement on the ADF’s Latest Lawsuit

One Colorado, the state’s leading advocacy organization for LGBTQ Coloradans and their families, released the following statement from Executive Director Daniel Ramos in response to the Alliance Defending Freedom’s (ADF) newest lawsuit attacking Colorado’s nondiscrimination laws:

“Our state’s laws haven’t changed. Colorado’s nondiscrimination laws are still in place, and, in fact, they were upheld by the Supreme Court in the Masterpiece ruling this past June. They reflect our country’s long-standing principle that businesses open to the public must be open to all. All people – including LGBTQ people – deserve to be served equally in public spaces, and no religious belief gives anyone the right to pick and choose whom they serve and what laws they want to follow.”

“We have seen the ADF launch similar lawsuits across the country that target nondiscrimination laws and civil rights agencies, and this broad lawsuit they filed on behalf of Jack Phillips reads as more of the same. What the ADF was looking for in the Masterpiece case was a license to discriminate, and they did not get that when the Supreme Court upheld Colorado’s nondiscrimination laws. This is another attempt by the ADF to undermine laws that protect Coloradans in the areas of public accommodations, employment, and housing. These laws reflect our state’s values of fairness and equality for all, and Colorado will not stand for this latest attack on civil rights protections.”