Statement on Trump’s Planned Rollback of Transgender Protections

One Colorado, the state’s leading advocacy organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Coloradans and their families, released the following statement from Executive Director Daniel Ramos in response to today’s New York Times story that the Trump White House plans to widely undo recognition and protections of transgender people:

“President Trump and his administration have targeted LGBTQ equality repeatedly, but this is the most heartless and cruel attack on the LGBTQ community by an American President we have seen in recent history. By rolling back legal recognition of transgender Americans, President Trump would have a country where discriminating against transgender people in the areas of health care access, employment, housing, and public accommodations is legal in every state. It is an affront to basic human decency and to the values of fairness and freedom we hold dear here in Colorado,” said Ramos.

“Today’s article proves, more than ever, that LGBTQ equality is on the ballot this November. We are fortunate that here in Colorado, we have nondiscrimination protections for all, including transgender Coloradans. But that is not the case across the country. Here in Colorado, and in every state, we need to fight like hell and vote to elect pro-equality candidates who will stand up for transgender Americans and the entire LGBTQ community against the President’s hateful agenda,” Ramos continued.

“To transgender Coloradans and your families – we know you are scared, angry, and horrified by what this administration has done. We at One Colorado pledge today, and every day, we stand with you and we will always fight for you. This is not over,” Ramos concluded.