Organizations and individuals representing the LGBTQ and faith communities, and members of the Colorado Legislative LGBT Caucus, cosigned a letter today to the Denver Post, calling for the newspaper’s editorial board to apologize for running a October 25, 2018 column by Krista Kafer that contained transphobic language.

The column was in response to a New York Times article that President Trump plans to define transgender people’s legal recognition out of existence through Title IX. The columnist hailed President Trump’s plan and called for the Colorado legislature to take similar action against transgender people, referring to transgender people’s identities as “wishful thinking”.

Included in the letter’s content:

“At a time when Americans from different marginalized communities are facing unprecedented levels of attack from the White House, we as staunch supporters of a free press look to your newspaper and others to report on the truth and call out injustice in your editorials. So imagine our shock and anger when we read a column in your newspaper that has no basis in fact, and instead repeats decades-old transphobic talking points in order to isolate an entire community and justify defining legal recognition of transgender Coloradans out of existence.”

“The entire LGBTQ community – particularly the transgender community – is comprised of proud Coloradans of all ages who work hard and pay taxes like everyone else. They do not deserve this kind of treatment, nor do they deserve to see this kind of transphobic rhetoric being printed at will by their state’s largest newspaper.”

“We ask you to retract this column immediately, and issue an editorial board opinion that publicly disavows the words written by Krista Kafer by Friday, November 2, 2018.”

Click here to read the letter.