Representative B.J. Nikkel: Honored Guest at the Ally Awards

By Kyle Inselman, Communications Intern

This past May, the courage of one person brought the civil unions bill the furthest it has ever been. That person was Representative B.J. Nikkel.

The Republican Representative from Loveland had a change of heart from last year when she voted no on the civil unions bill in the House Judiciary Committee. This year, her yes vote—the one affirmative Republican vote in that committee—granted passage for Senate Bill 2 to continue through two other committees and onto the House floor, the furthest that the bill has reached. Representatives Don Beezley and Cheri Gerou cast the votes that passed the bill through the other two GOP-controlled committees.

“It was simply the right thing to do,” Nikkel explained at the time. “To me, the most timeless of conservative values is independence. And, the fact is, we are all Coloradans and giving equal protection under the law for those who do not have it is the fair thing to do.”

To celebrate the courageous stand she took for the LGBT community, Representative Nikkel will be our honored guest at the Ally Awards on August 24. This is an incredible opportunity to meet the person whose one vote propelled the civil unions bill the furthest its ever been. Reserve your tickets now for the chance to hear her speak.