Statement: A Fair and Just Colorado for ALL

As an organization that is driven by the vision of a fair and just Colorado for all, our commitment to address issues of inequality can not be solely limited to the needs of the LGBTQ community but rather we must view our work through the lens of creating holistic change that empowers and improves the lives of all marginalized populations.

These past few months have challenged Coloradans and the nation as a whole to truly examine both our historic and existing systems of oppression and racism, and to finally begin to recognize that the lives of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous people do matter and will not be silenced any longer.

The shooting of Jacob Blake and the violence against protesters exercising their First Amendment right to question the actions of their government are yet more examples of a society still grappling with the concept of equality.

We recognize that to address the complex issues facing our society it will take open dialogue and substantive debate that will be uncomfortable for some and seemingly improbable for others, but we do believe that our communities will emerge stronger and ready to address our shared future.