Third Insurer Clarifies its Health Plans Will Cover Transgender Coloradans

One Colorado has received news that a major insurer in Colorado, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, is improving access to inclusive health care for transgender Coloradans. Anthem stated in recent correspondence that they have held, and continue to hold, a strong commitment to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Coloradans and their families. Trans Ally

According to Anthem:

“Our Colorado health plans historically have, and will continue to, extend eligibility to LGBT individuals the same as any other insured, regardless of gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Under the upcoming reforms of the Affordable Care Act and corresponding changes in Colorado law, coverage under a new 2014 insurance plan will be guaranteed — without regard to pre-existing condition, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or health status.”

Anthem also clarified that its insured health plans here in Colorado will recognize, as a spouse, the partner to a Colorado civil union; a civil union (or substantially similar legal relationship) recognized in the state where it was entered into; and a civil union or same-sex marriage if recognized as a spousal relationship in the state where the employee resides.

Additionally, Anthem’s Colorado insured health plans will cover transgender health services — including hormone therapy, mental health care, preventive services, and transition-related services according to Anthem’s medical policies and clinical guidelines.

To implement these policies, Anthem is working to improve its systems to better serve the LGBT community — including updates to its forms, processes and claims handling. Anthem will also be training its customer service representatives to respond effectively to LGBT Coloradans when they call for assistance.

As an organization, we are proud that insurers here in Colorado are leading the way in providing LGBT-inclusive health care — because no one should be denied health care for who they are. We continue working to ensure that LGBT Coloradans — including transgender Coloradans who have long faced barriers in our health care systems — will have the same choices that others enjoy, and that all health plans in our state will provide them with the health care they need.