What’s at stake for the LGBT vote in 2010

Friends, they’re at it again!

You have probably heard by now that Personhood Colorado, the proponents of the deceptive and dangerous Amendment 48 in 2008, are still at it — they are again pushing a proposal to extend legal and constitutional rights to fertilized eggs in Colorado. This year’s version is Amendment 62, and we need your help to stop it.

Join One Colorado, NARAL Colorado, The Interfaith Alliance, and The Center for a community gathering and potluck on Sunday, October 3 to get all the details on this deceptive amendment.

Not only would this dangerous amendment ban abortion in all circumstances, even rape and incest, it would also threaten in-vitro fertilization, having devastating consequences for many LGBT couples trying to grow their families.

Concerned about Amendment 62’s effect on in-vitro fertilization? RSVP to our potluck on Sunday, October 3, to ensure you have all the facts before November.

This amendment was defeated soundly in 2008, but we should not assume we will see the same results this time around. We need everyone to commit to voting no and to tell their friends and family members about the horrible effects of this amendment.

Learn what you need to know about Amendment 62 (and the other ballot initiatives threatening Colorado). Click here to RSVP to join us at our community gathering and potluck.

Many of us know a friend or loved one who has used in-vitro fertilization to start or grow a family. We must vote no on Amendment 62 for each one of them.