One Colorado Issues Statement on Kent Lambert’s Remarks Likening Colorado’s Civil Unions Law to “Mind-Control Experiment”

Republican state Senator Kent Lambert recently claimed in an interview that Colorado’s civil unions law amounted to a “mind-control experiment” to force Coloradans “to believe in homosexual marriage.” On Thursday, September 26, in response to these remarks, One Colorado released the following statement:

“Earlier this year, when the Colorado legislature took up the issue of civil unions, Kent Lambert voted to deny critical legal protections to thousands of families across our state. Rather than allow loving, committed couples the dignity of being able to take care of each other during times of greatest need, he chose to refuse them this basic recognition – solely because of who they are.

“Now, months after securing his place on the wrong side of history, Senator Lambert has decided that wasn’t enough – and recently went to the extreme length of likening Colorado’s civil unions law to a ‘mind-control experiment.’ This comment is as misleading as it is offensive – and he should be ashamed of himself for making it.

“To correct the record, we thought it might be helpful for Mr. Lambert to hear what is actually on the minds of LGBT Coloradans and their families. It’s pretty simple: gay and lesbian couples in Colorado pay taxes, serve in the military and run businesses here. They work hard and pay into the same system as everyone else, and just like most Coloradans, they want to be able to make a lifetime promise of love, commitment and responsibility to each other.

“Facts are stubborn things, despite Senator Lambert’s best efforts to distort them. So here they are: No Coloradan has to change his or her personal beliefs on account of the civil unions law. But we do have to follow laws that respect the rights and freedoms of all people. Freedom means freedom for everyone, and it’s wrong to treat people differently because of who they are and who they love. Singling these families out for unequal treatment goes against who we are as Coloradans; Senator Lambert ought to know that.

“So while experience tells us we shouldn’t hold our breath for an apology from Mr. Lambert, an apology is exactly what is owed – not just to gay and lesbian couples across the state, but to the countless friends and family members who are tired of seeing their loved ones attacked just for being who they are. Simply put, Senator Lambert – the people of Colorado deserve better.”