Alex Floyd


Alex Floyd is the Health Equity Director for One Colorado.

Prior to joining the team, they spent nearly 8 years as a clinical social worker specializing in the field of complex trauma, specifically with LGBTQIA+ youth and adults. During this time, they developed a passion for advocating for mental health equity through training and educating other health professionals. Alex also enjoys teaching and supervising MSW students and new clinicians, supporting them in developing an understanding for the systemic and complex issues impacting those seeking care. They deeply believe in the importance of working towards our collective liberation and can talk for hours on the importance of understanding the impacts of systemic trauma.

Alex received their BA in Psychology from Colorado State University and their master’s in social work from University of Southern California. They have spent the last six years in Albuquerque, New Mexico but are thrilled to be back in Colorado which has always felt like home.

In their free time, Alex can be found traveling as often as possible with their wife Caitlin, spoiling their dog Alfred, buying more books than they possibly have time to read, or starting yet another new hobby they will probably forget about in three months.