Nadine Bridges, MSW


Nadine Bridges has been an advocate for the rights and the respect for vulnerable communities throughout her career. She has a deep passion for understanding community, diversity, the world we live in and how these factors impact marginalized communities. She is a strong proponent of anti-oppressive servant leadership and ensuring communities, she serves, have voice in all efforts of equity and social justice movements.

She has been a teacher, director, counselor, mentor, volunteer, and activist. Nadine previously served as the director of Rainbow Alley, an LGBTQ+ youth serving organization, volunteered in Nicaragua with the Peace Corps and recently managed the Community Health Division for Boulder County Public Health. Currently, she teaches at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work, professionally mentors former students and colleagues, and serves on several racial equity committees and is a Board member for The Alexander Foundation. Nadine earned her BS in Biology from the College of Charleston and her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Denver along with a Certificate for Social Work with the Latinx Community.

In her free time, Nadine loves cooking and baking for friends and family, working out, hanging out with her wife Liz and Jared the Cat, and binge watching Top Chef and any of the Great British Shows (Baking, Pottery, Sewing, etc.)