Zoya Sarow


Zoya Sarow began working at One Colorado as the Youth & Community Engagement Manager in August 2021.

Zoya is from Denver, Colorado and was raised in the Five Points & North Park Hill areas. They graduated from the University of Denver as a first-gen student with their BA in Gender Studies and International Public Health in 2019. Since, Zoya has been highly involved with Denver’s LGBTQIA+ community, alongside previously working with other first-gen high school students managing a program that increases access to college resources at the at the University of Colorado Denver.

They are passionate about queer expression, communal care and the radical re-imagination of how we can exist in this time & space together. Currently, Zoya is a member of a Vogue Kiki House, House of Flora, a Queer performance group that centers BIPOC, Queer, Trans & Non-Binary wellness with the upkeep of Ballroom culture. It is with this family that Zoya came into their identity as a Non-Binary Queer Femme, working as a performer, photographer, and videographer across various projects. In 2020, they also helped to start a Trans-led mutual aid project called the Denver Community Fridges (DCF). DCF operates as a network of free food fridges for the community by the community, centering care against harmful systems & food equity. They cannot wait to continue to learn, grow & transform what community looks like at One Colorado; paying homage to all those who Zoya has been cared for & molded by.

Outside of work, Zoya enjoys making art, cooking for their friends & family, partaking in community events, and hanging out with their partner & kitty Bebé.